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Cutter Jet Charter & Flight Management provides its clients with a one-of-a-kind experience of comfort and convenience. We are dedicated to delivering an exemplary service that eliminates the stress and hassle that comes with commercial travel. Aggravating security procedures and strict luggage restrictions become non-factors when choosing to fly private. With our diverse fleet and knowledgeable charter coordinators, travel goes from being an unwelcomed necessity to an enjoyable experience.



Eliminate the crowded hassle of terminals. Permit air travel to be as flexible as your business requires. Access to airports that may not be reachable by commercial airlines.


Personal Use

Departure times adjustable around their personal needs. Aircraft available within two hours for any sudden situation. No luggage restrictions and pets are welcome.


Aircraft Management

We manage all aircraft operations, i.e. crew hiring, fueling, maintenance, storage. Able to operate under Part 91 or 135 with owner taking priority.

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