Avoiding the Problems & Hassles of Airline Travel Through Cutter Aviation

Opportunity Doesn’t Wait for a Boarding Pass…
Avoid the Hassles & Find Your Solution with Cutter Aviation.

Let Cutter Aviation Provide Freedom from Airline Control of Your Business TravelBecause your business runs on your own schedule and not an airline schedule, your success depends on travel solutions to maximize your freedom and flexibility when the call comes and “You NEED to be there.” Cutter Aviation has the business and general aviation solutions for your business to grow and prosper conveniently from Addison Municipal Airport in Addison to anywhere within Texas, the Southwest, the United States or the World.

Did you know that almost all airline flights go from only 70 major hubs? Even worse, the airlines have abandoned nearly 100 mid-sized cities in just the last year alone? With airline mergers and service cut backs, it’s not projected to get any better.

But on the other hand, Business & General Aviation is becoming easier and more popular than ever!  Business aviation reaches over 5,000 public-use airports in the U.S., providing communities large and small with fast, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective access to destinations across the country and around the world.

Business & General Aviation Helps Businesses in Texas & the Southwest Grow

With limited roadway access, large distances between major cities and limited commercial airline access in many communities, businesses in the Southwestern United States have relied on Business Aviation and General Aviation for decades. And Cutter Aviation & Cutter Flight Management have been helping to provide Business & General Aviation service within the Southwest since 1928. There is no aviation services company or air charter provider with more experience than Cutter Aviation.

If your company is looking for growth and expansion, it’s time to look at Business & General Aviation. Here are some of the ways Cutter Aviation can help.

Air Charter Travel

Freedom - Air Charter Options from Cutter Flight ManagementFor companies and people with an occasional need for highly flexible air travel, Air Charter is one of the best ways to use Business Aviation today. Air Charter allows you to choose your own departure and arrival times and locations as well as the aircraft type that best fits your needs in regards to size, speed, range and budget. You can even depart from Addison Municipal Airport right here in Addison, Texas! With Air Charter, you pay by the trip and don’t have to worry about the cost of ownership, annual membership or management fees, or cost of shares. If you know that your travel needs will require a certain number of trips within a year, you can even save more by buying blocks of air charter hours upfront to use over a period of time.

Interested in Air Charter? Take a look at the Cutter Flight Management charter aircraft fleet to see the aircraft options available. If you have an upcoming trip that you’d like to quote, visit our online quote request or call our 24/7 dispatch team at 800-297-8524.

Aircraft Sales and Acquisition Assistance

Freedom - Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions from Cutter Aviation Aircraft SalesWhen your company determines that owning an aircraft for business travel may be the best option, Cutter Aviation can also assist. With a large sales team with decades of experience and familiarity with the business and general aviation aircraft market, Cutter Aircraft Sales can help your company choose the right aircraft for your travel needs for the best value and assist you through the purchase process. Cutter Aviation is the Official New Aircraft Sales Dealer in Texas for Piper Aircraft, HondaJet, and TBM.

For more information, visit Cutter Aircraft Sales to see the current inventory and to meet our team of professionals.

Aircraft and Fleet Management

Freedom - Aircraft Management Solutions from Cutter Flight ManagementIf you are considering an aircraft purchase, but don’t wish to form, staff, and maintain a flight department on your own, aircraft management may be an option for you. If you currently own business aircraft that are sitting underutilized because your travel needs are not as great as originally expected, aircraft management may be able to help by operating your aircraft for charter when you are not using it – while still keeping it in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for your convenience. Aircraft Management through Cutter Flight Management can discuss these options as well as others to make ownership and use of a business aircraft easier for you and your company.Contact Cutter Flight Management to learn more.